LeJazzCollabGreen(Album Cover: Sylvie Dagenais)

Le (the) Jazz Collab is the group of people involved in creating music of all kinds. The next release will cover a large spectrum of music. We are putting out a new album this fall, called “the green album”. Check here again in a little while, or get on our mailing list. You can also “like” us on Facebook.

The people currently collaborating with Le Jazz Collab are Christian Proulx, Claude Laferrière, Daniel Lemay, Gaëtan Pilon, Geoffrey Boyer, Ghilslain Potvin, Harold Fisher, Jean Claude Béliveau, Mike DiNardo, Mike Laps, Nicolas Chourot, Roberto Barlettano, Wayne Smith, and Yves Adam.

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Godin Guitars

A huge thank you to Godin Guitars for a great deal on this Godin Progression.

Artist Collaboration Project

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